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Blue Apple Asset Management promotes listing of LCM Energy Solutions i…

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(Left) Ja Myung Ja, CEO of Blue Apple Asset Management (CIO), (Right) Lee Byung-Hong, Chairman of LCM Energy Solutions

Blue Apple Asset Management announced on the 13th that it is promoting the Canadian SPAC listing of LCM Energy Solutions, a secondary battery cell product and small wind power developer.Blue Apple Asset Management has an office building in Canada, and its main managers are Koreans. Currently, it is known to be the second largest asset management company run by Koreans in Canada.
This asset management company helps domestic companies to enter the global market by listing Korean companies on Canada or NASDAQ. Its strength is that it mainly specializes in funding support and direct listing.
Ja Myung, CEO of Blue Apple Asset Management, said, "Even though Korea is included in the top 10 economic powerhouses, there are only two companies listed directly in developed countries, Coupang and Gravity." It's no different," he said.
He continued, “Considering this, we have formed a team since last January to list domestic companies or start-ups in the financial markets of advanced countries.” We are actively pursuing it,” he said.
Located in Energy Valley, Naju, Jeollanam-do, LCM Energy Solutions is a venture company in the energy field that develops integrated wind and solar small-scale wind power generation systems by building a business model targeting a niche in the secondary battery market.
CEO Jamyeong said, “Unlike Korea, developed countries have a high evaluation of intellectual assets and a financial culture that recognizes future values. Therefore, it is possible to build a business model targeting a niche with corporate technology and to raise funds through a systematic investment plan. If there is, any company can increase its competitiveness,” he explained.
He added, "We plan to continue to discover promising startups with market potential like LCM Energy Solutions in the future, and support the entire process from incubation to funding, sales strategy, and technical consultation."Reporter Kwon Hyun-soo (
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