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Groundbreaking ceremony for secondary cell battery plant in Naju Innov…

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[Sisa Magazine/Gwangju Jeonnam] Jeollanam-do (Governor Kim Young-rok) announced on the 4th that LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. held a groundbreaking ceremony for the first lithium-ion battery finished product plant in the Jeonnam region at Naju Innovation Industrial Complex.

The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by Lee Byung-heung, chairman of LCM Science, Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., Kim Young-rok, governor of South Jeolla Province, Shin Jeong-hoon, member of the National Assembly, Lee Hyun-bin, vice president of KEPCO, Kang In-gyu, Naju Mayor, Min-jun Lee and Choi Myung-soo, and Naju city councilors.

The lithium-ion battery finished product factory of LCM Energy Solutions is expected to create about 250 new jobs as one of the top 5 majors in Korea. In particular, it was the first large-scale investment after the enactment of the Korea Energy Engineering University Act, and the ripple effect of the Energy Engineering University began in earnest.

LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., a newly established corporation headquartered in Bitgaram Innovation City, Naju, invested KRW 200 billion in a 35,000㎡ site in the Innovation Industrial Complex to create a 1GWh secondary battery manufacturing plant for finished products such as marine and portable energy storage systems (ESS). to be built by 2023.

With the completion of the materials cluster in the Gwangyang Bay area, such as electric vehicle battery cathodes, lithium, and recycling, and the finished product factory in Naju, Jeonnam will have a complete secondary battery full cycle industry system.

Jeonnam-do plans to strengthen regional industrial competitiveness by promoting development and diversification of related industries by closely linking LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. with regional comparative advantages such as new and renewable energy, e-mobility, and drones.

LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. also established dozens of master's and doctoral-level research institutes to contribute to the development of new local energy industries. The goal is to grow into a multinational company by investing in additional facilities in the energy national industrial complex to be created near the innovative industrial complex, leading to the size of the facility. In particular, it is expected to compete with world-class battery manufacturers by leading exports as well as stable corporate operation through differentiated supply chains such as military supply.

CEO Lee Seul-chan said, “With the opening of Korea Energy Engineering University, a global energy-specialized university, it is easy to secure high-quality human resources, and the conditions for specializing related industries are being created based on KEPCO, so we decided to invest in Jeonnam.”

Governor Kim Young-rok said, "The start of construction of LCM Energy Solutions's battery plant is very meaningful for the development of Jeonnam's industry."

He added, "I hope that it will grow into a Jeonnam company that competes with world-class companies and develops by making full use of the industrial and institutional foundation centered on the Bitgaram Innovation City."

Prior to the groundbreaking ceremony, LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement with Jeonnam Province and Naju City at the Jeonnam Provincial Office on May 28.

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