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LCM Energy Solution Co., Ltd. and Etro D&C Co., Ltd. signed "LCM …

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10월 21일  (주)이트로디앤씨 본사에서 (주)LCM에너지솔루션 회장 이병흥(왼쪽)과 (주)이트로디앤씨 회장 박용수(오른쪽) 이 업무협약 및 LCMS COIN 공급, 구매계약서 체결을 마치고 악수를 나누고 있다. ​
▲ On October 21st, LCM Energy Solutions Chairman Lee Byeong-heung (left) and Etro DNC Chairman Park Yong-soo (right) shake hands after signing a business agreement and LCMS COIN supply and purchase contract at the headquarters of Etro DNC Co., Ltd. are sharing ​


LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. (Chairman Byung-Heung Lee) and Etro DNC Co., Ltd. (Chairman Yong-Soo Park) are supplying 'LCM COIN and LCM Energy Solution unlimited energy power to Yeoju Complex Resort-type Crowd Townhouse of Etro D&C Co., Ltd. It was announced that the MOU was signed on the 21st at the headquarters of Etro D&C Co., Ltd. located in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.


On this day, the business agreement between the two companies was to manufacture and install stand-alone power supply facilities (wind power and solar power) and solar streetlights in the complex in Yeoju Crowd Townhouse 68 units, supply LCMS COIN, and sign a purchase contract for the world's first complex With the introduction of LCM Energy Solution’s unlimited energy power supply to the resort-type crowd townhouse, it is expected that a townhouse without electricity will be born.


On this day, Kim Jae-deok, publisher of the cultural newspaper for the disabled, who is in charge of advertising and sales of Yeoju Crowd Townhouse, said, "We will purchase 30,000 LCMS COINs ourselves and apply the promotion to the number of buyers."


On this day, LCM Energy Solutions (Chairman Lee Byeong-heung) said, “Starting as a distribution company, LCM Korea in 2014, as one of the business diversification through discovering new growth engines, LCM Energy Solutions’ battery products have excellent performance compared to existing products as a battery business for solar street lights. “First of all, there is a difference of about 10 times in brightness, and while existing products do not turn on unless exposed to the sun, LCM Solution’s battery lasts for a week without exposure to the sun, Satisfaction is high,” he said.

Chairman Lee Byeong-heung said, "LCMS COIN can issue 1 billion and incinerate 700 million, and LCMS COIN can be exchanged with LCM Science's listed stocks." We will realize the corporate value of fully preserving uncertainty at the company level and returning it to humanity.”


이날  좌측부터 장애인문화신문 김재덕 발행인, (주)LCM에너지솔루션 이병흥 회장, (주)이트로디앤씨 박용수 회장, LCM싸이언스 COIN 홍필립 본부장이 업무협약을 마치고 기념촬영을 하고 있다.​​
▲ On this day, from the left, Kim Jae-deok, publisher of the Cultural Newspaper for the Disabled, LCM Energy Solution Co., Ltd. Lee Byeong-heung, Etro D&C Co., Ltd. Park Yong-soo, and LCM Science COIN general manager Philip Hong are taking a commemorative photo after signing the business agreement.​​


Then, on this day, Etro D&C Co., Ltd. (Chairman Park Yong-soo) said, “The Yeoju Crowd Townhouse Project (Danhyeon-dong 50 and 15 lots) is a site with a total floor area of 9,218 pyeong, and it started in 2014 and received permission and sales approval in 7 years. Up to this point, everything has been completed, so we are looking for a buyer for 68 households.”


On the other hand, on this day, an official from Etro D&C Co., Ltd. said, "Yeoju Crowd Townhouse is located next to Gangcheonbo on the Namhan River, and a subway station at Gangcheonbo will be built in the future." It is an attractive townhouse with the best location conditions for relaxation, and it will be a happy living place to find life in the Han River with the nature where Hwangpo sailboats and egrets live and breathe.”

Reporter Park No-chung

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