Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., was selected as the winner of the 4th 13 People who Shined Korea Award in the "Economic Development Sector" (2021 12/01) > News Room | LCMES

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Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., was selected as …

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Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., was selected as the winner of the "Economic Development Sector" at the 4th 13 People who Shined Korea

국제언론인클럽 | 2021.12.01 | 신고 신고
주소복사 스크랩   페이스북 카카오스토리 네이버로공유 밴드

▲ Photo = Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., was selected as the winner of the "Contribution to Economic Development Award" in the economic development category of the 4th 13 people who made Korea shine. Reporter Song Ho-hyun

The organizing committee of the 13 people who made Korea shine announced that Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., was selected as the recipient of the Economic Development Contribution Award in the economic development sector.

The 13 People who Shine Korea Grand Prize is awarded to people who have raised the status and national prestige of Korea in all walks of society, including domestic and international politics, economy, self-government, culture and arts, and sports.

Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solution) is a domestic company with independent technology and competitiveness in the field of manufacturing lithium ion battery packs and lithium polymer cells (secondary batteries).

First, with the goal of mass-producing 1GWh of lithium polymer cells per year by 2022 following the completion of the research institute and factory, the first step is to establish a battery power pack facility with more than 30,000 packs and 3 lines of 300MWh, and invest 200 billion won in a 35,000㎡ site. The 20th of the month is the first factory completion day. In a difficult situation where there are no jobs for young people these days, 300 full-time employees and more than 1,500 subcontractors have found jobs, and rain fell during the drought.

In the second stage, it plans to invest an additional 400 billion won by 2025 with the goal of building a cell facility with an annual capacity of 3GWh, and seek to create jobs for 500 full-time employees and 3,000 employees from partner companies.

The business area focuses on three areas, 'lithium polymer cell manufacturing', 'lithium ion battery pack', and 'renewable energy', in a large frame, through research in each field and securing production personnel, which is the mid- to long-term vision of 'Green Secondary Battery Total Solution Global Solution' It is an aspiration to realize 'leading company'.

The main business, 'lithium ion battery pack', researches and manufactures solar street light battery packs, waste electric vehicle recycling battery packs, portable ESS, E-Mobility battery packs, drones, electric ships, golf carts, electric bike packs, etc. .

▲ Photo = Naju Innovation Industrial Complex LCM Energy Solution Co., Ltd. Investing 200 billion won in a 35,000㎡ site, creating 250 jobs

It is due to be completed soon.

When LCM Energy Solutions starts full-scale production, it aims to compete with world-class battery manufacturers by leading exports as well as stable corporate operation through differentiated supply chains such as military supply.

A research institute composed of dozens of people with master's and doctoral degrees will also be established to contribute to the development of high-tech industries in Jeollanam-do.

LCM Energy Solution secures an efficient supply chain for secondary battery raw materials in connection with Yeosu and Gwangyang Industrial Complex, unconventional support measures in South Jeolla Province and Naju City, scalability of KEPCO Energy Valley that can further increase production capacity in the future, abundant human infrastructure including KEPCO Engineering College, etc. It is said that he decided to invest in Naju for this reason.

CEO Lee Seul-chan started construction of the Shingye-nyeok secondary battery on June 4 at Naju Innovation Industrial Complex, a global energy hub in Korea and the center of Energy Valley, and is about to be completed on December 20, 2021. He said, “We will make all-round efforts to secure local talent as well as technological advancement in terms of efficiency and safety of secondary batteries in preparation for the government’s Green New Deal and global carbon neutral strategy by 2050.”

Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., has been exporting health functional foods, cosmetics, and medicines overseas for the past few years, and has been exporting over 100 billion won in annual sales. We are actively pursuing business diversification through discovery. One of them is the battery business for solar street lights.

In particular, “LCM Energy Solution’s battery products are superior compared to existing products. First of all, “There is a difference of about 10 times in brightness. In addition, while existing products do not turn on without sunlight, the battery of LCM Energy Solution can be maintained for one week without sunlight,” he said.

In addition, the independent power supply facilities (wind power, solar power) developed by LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. are produced in the Naju Innovation Industrial Complex, and are unlimited for Yeoju Complex Resort-type "Crowd 1 Townhouse" with a view of the Han River as a KEPCO brand. Energy Supply of 10kw power per household is expected, foreshadowing the birth of the world's first "zero electricity bill" house.

Yeoju "Crowd 1 Townhouse" project (15 parcels including 50 Danhyeon-dong) started in 2014 on a site with a total floor area of 9,218 pyeong and obtained development permits and licenses in 7 years, becoming "the world's first electricity-free house" with 68 households, not only in Korea but also in Korea. It is expected to be of interest to the world.

CEO Lee Seul-chan said, “Corporate social responsibility is very important. So, we are working hard to carry out various social contribution activities. From the time the company was established, it set out with the goal of becoming a social enterprise. In addition, 90% of the profits, excluding the company's initial development costs, are donated.”

The 13-person Grand Prize Organizing Committee that brought glory to Korea was led by Lee Seul-chan, CEO of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., who attracted the largest investment in Naju after the passage of the Korea Energy Engineering University Act, which greatly helped increase local tax revenue and create new jobs in the future. It was announced that the contribution to the development of the Korean economy with sales of 100 billion won was highly appreciated and was selected as the winner of the "Contribution to Economic Development Award" in the economic development sector.

▲Photo = The 4th Grand Prize of 13 people who made Korea shine,

December 20th, Yeouido Central Veterans Hall (33, Gukhoe-daero 76-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul), 3:00 p.m. Ceremony held

MIMINT News Reporter Song Ho-hyun