LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd., RE100 (100% pure self-generation) electric construction contract of 18.7 billion won

LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Seul-chan) commercialized 'Treasure Island', a RE100 zero energy island that introduced pure self-differentiated eco-friendly renewable energy technology in Bangchuk-ri (including Sodan-do and Dae-do) in Shinan-gun, Jeollanam-do (Co.) Treasure Island, Resort Construction Co., Ltd. Buwon Construction Co., Ltd., RE100 Facility Construction Co., Ltd. LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. announced that they will promote in earnest. ​​

Treasure Island, the only private island resort in Korea, offers the best natural seawater hot spring spa and the largest luxury leisure in Korea to soothe tired mind and body with the best view of the coast along the unexplored coastal road that has been preserved for 700 years and the finest premium architectural facilities. The Pool Marinia Club boasts a large-scale luxury arboretum that only members can use, a sunset enjoyed in a private pool in each room, and a special experience to enjoy the atmosphere of Jeungdo.


In addition, it consists of an island condo of 3,000 pyeong and an island pension on the main island of Jeungdo Island, and an island resort with a total of 307 rooms of 10,000 pyeong on the main island of Jeungdo, with a total size of 13,000 pyeong.


The reason why this place became known as 'Treasure Island' is that a trading ship that is believed to have sunk after encountering a typhoon off the coast of Jeungdo-myeon, Shinan while carrying export goods from Yeongpa Port in the Song and Yuan Dynasty of China to Japan in the mid-Goryeo Dynasty has 24,000 artifacts and artifacts since its first discovery in 1975. It is derived from the 'Treasure Ship Sinan Island', the first of Korean underwater archeology in which about 8 million coins (28 tons) were excavated, and a model ship with the same name is displayed in Sodando.

RE100 zero energy self-sufficient island focuses on renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation based on the region's high amount of sunlight and wind resources. After producing and storing hydrogen, a new energy, by using the water electrolysis method, it plans to supplement power supply and demand through hydrogen fuel cell power generation during peak power times such as on weekends.


Treasure Island's RE100 new and renewable energy facility business scale is KRW 18.7 billion, with a solar power generation system of 9.5MW and a self-developed, patented, high-efficiency, low-vibration, low-noise bidirectional rotor rotating wind power generation system of 0.8MW as the main focus, and some wave power generation system and hydrogen fuel cell power generation system will be included.

This commercialization promotion schedule consists of a total of 3 stages, and the 1st stage is a trial installation of solar power generation and wind power generation complexes on a 1,500 pyeong site near the island condo area of Jeungdo Main Island from January 2022, and sequentially after the 2nd quarter of 2022 Phase 2 aims to complete the project by the end of 2023 by installing remaining renewable energy facilities on a 1,500 pyeong site near the island pension area on Jeungdo Island and on a 10,000 pyeong site in the large-scale island resort area in the third phase, and by 2030 Complete the introduction of energy self-generation facilities and promote with the goal of achieving RE100.

Utilizing specialized lithium secondary battery manufacturing technology of LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. and applied renewable energy technology such as solar and wind power, and combining new technologies of wave power and hydrogen fuel cell power generation, We have successfully commercialized the RE100 zero energy self-sufficient island and secured stable O&AMP:M technology, and through this, we are leading new and renewable energy convergence technologies for self-supporting zero energy towns at home and abroad.​

On the other hand, LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. is an independent power supply (wind power, solar power) facility for Yeoju Crowd 1 Townhouse preparing for the future of 100 years. By producing 100% pure self-powered eco-friendly energy, it is about to be born as the first carbon-neutral self-sufficient village by 2050 with zero carbon emissions and zero electricity bills.


In addition, LCM Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. moved into the Naju Innovation Industrial Complex in Jeollanam-do this year and manufactures its own 1GWh-class lithium polymer cell and lithium secondary battery pack, and is a strategic business that mainly applies new renewable energy, e-mobility, and agricultural energy convergence. It is emerging as a new but strong company that is a total solution provider for the green energy business that is also being promoted.


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